Dorado Clean Presentation

Dorado Clean, a professional android optimizer, cleans junk files efficiently.
It cleans caches to releases ram space and speed up devices in one tap. It also stops the running apps or power wasting programs to cools down CPU and saves power to extend your battery life.

One Tap for Cleaning and Speeding

Dorado clean can clean caches and speed up your device in one tap.(Two lines of fast optimization).It is fast and convenient. You can boost your phone in an easy, quick and efficient way.

Dorado Clean

Deep Junk Cleaning

Dorado Clean optimizes your phone by cleaning the junk files efficiently. It can deeply clean the junks and caches on your phone to release ram space. It makes sure that you have enough memory to take photos, watch videos, play games, etc.

Dorado Clean

Device Speeding

Dorado clean makes sure enough space for mobile device working. It cleans the junks, releases ram space and stops redundant programs so that your device works as fast as a rocket.

Dorado Clean

CPU Cooler

Dorado Clean cools down the device by stopping redundant apps and files that cause overheat. If your devices have the problem of overheat and need to cool down, it will be your best choice.

Dorado Clean

Super Battery Saver

Dorado Clean saves battery by stopping redundant programs and apps which waste lots of power. It also analyzes running apps to locate the ones that cause the consumption of power, extending the battery life of your device.

Dorado Clean

New Hot Key

It includes a floating window, a key tool on the desktop and a notification bar.

Dorado Clean

Newly designed interface

It replaces the old interface with a new UI, offering different user experience.

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